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The Board of Directors of Quality Comprehensive Health Center Appoints Dr. Ra’Shawn D. Flournoy as Executive Director


Quality Home Care Services, doing business as Quality Comprehensive Health Center (QCHC), has been deeply rooted in the West End community of Charlotte, NC, for over 18 years. The center was founded by the visionary leader, Lisa Wigfall. QCHC is a multifaceted and comprehensive organization, dedicated to providing a myriad of healthcare services under one roof.

"We're thrilled to welcome Dr. Ra’Shawn as our Executive Director," expressed Dr. Geri Johnson, the esteemed Board Chair of QCHC. With his wealth of experience in both business and public health, as well as his unwavering commitment to advancing life-saving initiatives in the community, Dr. Flournoy brings precisely the qualities and expertise needed to propel our critical work forward," Dr. Johnson added.

Dr. Flournoy's appointment as the Executive Director of QCHC is not only a testament to his exceptional capabilities but also signifies the organization's dedication to staying at the forefront of healthcare innovation. His extensive background in both the private sector and public health sphere positions him perfectly to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

As a one-stop-shop healthcare organization, QCHC has been a beacon of hope and a pillar of support for the local community. From primary care and specialty services to preventive care and health education, QCHC has been tirelessly working to improve the overall well-being of individuals and families in the West End area.

The appointment of Dr. Flournoy as the Executive Director will undoubtedly enhance QCHC's ability to deliver high-quality healthcare services and expand its impact. Under his leadership, the organization will continue to foster a culture of compassion, innovation, and excellence.

Dr. Flournoy's deep-rooted commitment to the community aligns perfectly with QCHC's mission and values. His appointment will further strengthen the organization's longstanding partnerships and collaborations with local stakeholders, healthcare providers, and community organizations.

With Dr. Flournoy at the helm, QCHC is poised to embark on a transformative journey, leveraging his expertise to drive sustainable growth and advance the organization's vision of equitable healthcare access for all.

The Board of Directors at QCHC extends its warmest congratulations to Dr. Ra’Shawn D. Flournoy on his appointment as the Executive Director and expresses its gratitude to Lisa Wigfall for her invaluable contributions as the founder of QCHC.

Together, they have set the stage for a new era of excellence and impact, ensuring that Quality Comprehensive Health Center remains a vital resource and a beacon of hope for the West End community and beyond.

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