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Behavioral Health Services

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Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient Mental Health Therapy ( OPT)- Licensed Professionals (LPC,LCSW) provides therapy and programs to clients of all ages who are struggling with mental health concerns. Services offered include Comprehensive Clinical Assessments (CCA) and individual, family and group therapy.

Substance Abuse (SACOT): Substance Abuse Counseling Outpatient Treatment (SACOT) is a structured recovery program designed to assist adult clients with beginning their recovery process and learn skills for recovery maintenance. The program offers individual and group addiction evidence-based intervention with activities provided in an outpatient setting enabling clients to maintain a residence in their community, continue to work and be part of their family life. The program is offered at least 4 hours a day, five days a week. The groups are facilitated by a Certified Substance abuse counselor (CSAC). Program oversight is provided by a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS).

Vincent Allison- SACOT Counselor

Monique Onema- Program Manager of OIFSP

Ronnie Goodman- Transportation Manager

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